Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Campaigns that Made a Mark

Drew Barrymore for Miu Miu

I had this on my wall back then.

Courtney Love for Versace Mens Couture 
by Bruce Weber, 1997 

I had these two on my wall back then

Courtney Love for Versace 
photographed by Richard Avedon, 1998

Hard Candy cosmetics ad, 1997.
I remember both of these really well fsr

Rose McGowan for Bebe, 1998.

Amber Valletta for Versace, spring 2000.
Actual ad for the JLo dress!

Gucci Envy perfume ad, 2000.
I was just 15 but def had this ad taped to my wall

Gucci spring 2001 campaign (Tom Ford era)
w/ a blonde Kate Moss

It was in Sept 2005 that Moss was photographed using cocaine, and 
lost contracts w/ H&M, Chanel and Burberry.

Dior 2001 greasy, lesbianic campaign by Nick Knight
is hard to forget !

Models: Gisele Bundchen and Rhea Durham (Mark Wahlberg's wife)

I used to have this (above) on my wall 

Missoni 2002 campaign by Mert & Marcus
Model: Gisele Bundchen

She was the biggest supermodel in the world at that time.
All these campaigns made an impact for me. This one she was insanely tanned w/
a strong 60s influence - light mouth and clumpy lashes.

Lanvin S/S 2011 campaign by Steven Meisel 
Models: Iselin Steiro and Kinga Rajzak
70′s chic

Louis Vuitton fall 2013, featuring Michelle Williams
This inspired a haircut for me

CK Be by Calvin Klein 1996/97 campaign 
photographed by Richard Avedon
Model: Kate Moss