Friday, September 30, 2016

ζ DIOR ζ Spring 2017

Super marketable sporty-ballet-hip hop-fairy-lingerie-prom collection

The branded elastic is a very smart move, taking Dior consciously into a "young urban" direction
(slightly a Wang knock-off, but each of our lives is a patchwork of knock-offs, get used to it)
Haha that looks like it wants to say "Wank-off"

Boxer sneaker boots 

Love the vintage-thermal hi-waisted underpants. 
It's kinda 'Nu-kinderwhore' or something.

Quilted Leather Top - reminds me of a Fencer's chest protector

Fencing outfit

Fencing-like pants

Fencing pants

Kevlar Vest-like Bodice Tops

It's reminiscent of the beloved Vionnet - spring 2015 collection: