Thursday, July 28, 2016

Famous Street Style

Love long skirts on young folk

p.s. Old, rich, famous men -Especially cool ones. Don't try to pin down a 20-something.
Even the most well-meaning will soon hate you like a controlling step-father.

Fergie's a cool Mom, I think.

I hope to one day be able to do a high ponytail for the 1st time since I was...
uh..16? (almost 15 yrs ago) --And NO I don't wish I was a minute younger than I am today.
Age-fear is a Marketing scheme.

I like what used to be called Fat or Phat Pants --these would be called
Fat Slacks I guess--I own some but never wear them, probably because
they would catch in my bike gears.

(Introduce me to a quiet Yorkie & I'll change my tune)