Monday, January 26, 2015

Weird 90's

I plucked out a bunch of street style looks that remind me of the Nineties, when I was 5-15.
- Chinese silk/satin
- metallic platform shoes
- coloured hair

- large shoulders
- denim
- loose slacks
- furry shirt
- patterns & colours
- baby blue
- fringe

- leopard print
- high waisted jeans
- crop top
- floral dress
- flannel
- boots
- bomber jacket
- hoody
- faux fur bag
- big hoops
- this one is not quite the genre, but reminded me somehow

- pvc coat!
- white socks
- strappy black heels
- skirt with boots
Reminds me of KoRn  hahaha
Nic Cage in Wild At Heart! (1990)
This one`s my favourite.

I've posted this pic once before I think, but it's so great. One of the best parts about it is she's not wearing much/any makeup & her hair's sloppy, but her outfit's rad.