Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Learning About Sheepskin: Types

Mongolian Lambskin
This type of lamb is made up of long, wavy, silky hair.

Tibetan Lamb:

Tibetan Lamb
Originating in China, the Tibetan lamb is similar to the Mongolian lambswool.
It differs from the Mongolian lamb as it is silkier and frizzier in texture.
Tibetan lamb is soft and can be up to four inches in length and has a slight curl to it.

Persian Lambswool
also referred to as karakul, or carakul. It is formally known as astrakhan. 
The difference in age allows for the fur to develop from the moiré pattern to 
a tight, close curl allowing for a distinctive look.

Mouton Lambskin
Mouton lamb is sheared sheepskin. 

Shearling Sheepskin
Shearling is natural sheepskin that has been sheared, 
similar to that of moutan lambskin, while the leather side has been sueded.