Monday, January 1, 2018

Making my Small 2018 Apartment Feel Good

All the best to you 
* * * * *

I've collected photos that share details of my place
& offer some solutions.

My main room is not so small 
but doubles as a Bedroom + Living Room.
So far I am struggling to make the Living component
feel separate and put together.

The room has all white walls with arched doorways and hardwood floors
much like this room.
My aunt is also about to give my a blue shag carpet.

The wall unit on the Left is like the giant 70s unit 
I have right now - same wood grain, same metal fittings.

Sofa angled facing bed

Shelf divider

Back of sofa facing bed

Sofa perpendicular to bed

Sofa against wall facing bed

Desk next to bed

Sofa next to bed

Cluttered style w/ lots of furniture around

Solid half partition, as in a motel room

Two armchairs instead of a sofa