Thursday, March 16, 2017

Nina Ricci f/w 2017 by Guillaume Henry

Henry was appointed Creative Director of Nina Ricci in fall 2014, 
after refurbishing Carven since in 2009. Before that he worked under Julien Macdonald at Givenchy. He is 38 years old and grew up in Chaumont, France, a city with a pop. of 23,000.

This collection is beautiful to me because it lulls you into it's concepts in phases that are
all cohesive. I highly recommend watching the full video above from start to finish to understand
what I mean.

Full skirts, wide belts, & bralettes

Subtle western/cowboy details

Blush hues
Waistbelt bags

70s elements - Corduroy skirts, "Leisure suit" style jackets

These super-thin leather gloves & boots have an incredible matte look


Then a "risk" w/ these pantomime-esque ruffled collars 
& top w/ elongated flap

Some of Henry's previous work at Carven:

Carven - spring 2011

Carven, by Henry - spring 2013

Carven - pf 2013