Monday, February 27, 2017

Satin Blouses ✪

JULIEN DAVID  - 'Soft Satin' shirt

They add a touch of feminine & sophisticated to otherwise dull/sloppy outfits.

Topshop - PETITE Crop Pyjama Shirt, polyester

Dolls Kill - poly-blend satiny shirt-dress

...or a 70s vibe


ASOS Pyjama Blouse in Sheer Stripe

MAISON MARGIELA  - Double-cuff satin shirt
100% viscose

Topshop - Pleated Satin Ruffle Shirt

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Makin' Outfits

H&M - Bomber jacket with braces

H&M -  Mesh dress

Skinny Dip London - Faux FUR Phone CASE

Free People - Confetti Sheer Mesh socks

H&M - Faux fur jacket


H&M -  Ribbed jersey dress

Topshop - Mini Houndstooth Ankle Socks

Dr Martens - Coralia $140

Dr Martens - 1461 WHITE+BLACK FADE OUT

Topshop - Faux fur jacket

H&M -  Bodycon dress

Topshop - Cropped Ribbed Glitter Ankle Socks

H&M - Long wool-blend coat, 40% Wool

H&M - Slip dress

Ribbed leggings

2-pack socks

Dr Martens - Hazil in Lead

Topshop - Crop Funnel Puffer Jacket

H&M - One-shoulder glitter dress

Thursday, February 23, 2017

My Top Picks for Fall 2017

Each look has a few points below it about what I like about it.

Adam Selman

- High-waisted Trousers
- Cinched waist
- messy Topknot
- Sparkly Tshirt

Cynthia Rowley

- Slinky/lustrous but Casual-style 2-piece!
- Flared Leg
- Orange Lenses

Marissa Webb

- Bell Sleeves
- Mustard
- Messy Bouffant hairstyle
- Leather belted Trousers

Alexander Wang

- Vest
- Flounce Sleeves/cuffs
- Higher waist Pants

Simon Miller

- Wrinkly Trech
- Navy
- Bangs
- Hoop earrings

Creatures of Comfort

- Full Skirt
- bag slung across chest
- Big Patch Pockets
- Sweater tied at waist

M. Martin

- Outerwear Pajamas
- Brown-Burgundy

Jil Oh
- Pedal Pushers
- Stiff/structured Blouse
- matching shoes + socks
- Red Shoes >> I am a sucker for these this season

Gary Graham 
is always so awesome he's getting his own post.
- Sheer overlay Skirt
- cropped Pants worn under Skirt
- muted Metallic flat booties

Red Valentino

- Sheer dress
- Tiers
- cinched waist
- full sleeves
- closed neckline

Jill Stuart
the giant frill is a lot, but...

- Velvet
- Longsleeved Dress
- Funnel/turtleneck
- Sheer skirt

Eric Schlösberg

- Dyed Fur trim
- Coloured Leather Coat
- Sheer coloured hosiery
- Metallic Miniskirt

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Alternative Hair Inspiration !

Hello Friends,

For the first time in my life I have hit a dead end re: What haircut I want. This has been stressful for me since I feel really bad about my hair as is, but can't get inspired by anything I see. This post is a collection of styles that could work...

Shaggy Mohawk, pointed sideburns
 --though 'm trying to move away from super-punky styles now

Sleek fringe, feathered back, cropped sides & nape 
--This shade is too summery for Canada right now

Shaggy top, shorter sides

Tilda Swinton - long top, shaggy cropped sides/back 
(I basically have this now though)

Long, sleek mohawk

Hayley Williams - Short bob
---This looks great but then you're stuck w/ a bob shape on your head. Not versatile

w/ shaved sideburns

messy bob w/ short bangs

Jane Fonda shag cut

Chrissie Hynde 70s shag cut

Pam Hogg - Pomp w/ grown-out shag

I ended up doing this for the time being: