Saturday, January 14, 2017

New Takes on White Interiors

Gorgeous 80s-esque white interiors at this 1966-built home

The clean, retro-modern office, with warm walnut built-ins + chrome fireplace.
Love the glass-top but hefty desk, coated white storage and matching printer!

Grand, pale-carpeted staircase goes into the sunken Bath!

Shiny stone flooring in spacious rec room

Extravagant white leather sectional & pale horizontal stone fireplace
Hideous carpet, but it's all eighties Baby!

& even I'm surprised, but I'm fucking in Love w/ this yard!
The layout feels like a low-rise motel pool. 
I like the flat sightlines / unobstructed expanse 
from the lawn to the patio to the house.

Northfield, IL
5 beds / 5.5 baths
7,300 sqft
$1.1 M

White Mudroom w/ exposed beams + brick flooring, in incredible 1954 Long Beach, CA house

White plank walled kitchen w/ black accent wall going into black ceiling

Above & below:
Pretty white and teal kitchen at this sweet 1952-built house in Lakewood, CA

Above and following two images:

White bedroom in 1965-built Winnetka, IL home