Monday, November 21, 2016

Hard Candy - Trolls Make-up muthaf#$%as !!!

Hard Candy's Trolls Make-up Collection 
seems to be designed for 30-year-old Never-Bloomers 
(as in no such thing as late) like myself ! 

Forever young Bitches!

Marblelized tie-dye Lipstick mixes together to give off a beautiful neutral purple hue

Swipe on one color & reveal another w/ this color-changing lip gloss. 
The more you rub your lips together, the further the color will change, 
giving a iridescent glow. 

Rainbow prismatic highlighter

hair chalk sticks

palette combines iconic colors from the Trolls movie

Check out better pics at:

creamy pressed glitters

Trolls Metallic Mousse Matte Lip
Velvety texture with a metallic finish.  
Full coverage metallic matte liquid lip color 

This lip balm looks green, but will change to a personalized pink 
on application based on your body chemistry. 
Stain your lips for hours with a just-kissed pink glow.