Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Powder blue H A I R

This is a picky hue of blue
Not teal or electric in any way
Very POWDER Blue.

Sherwin-Williams - Something Blue paint

Fender - Deluxe Nashville Telecaster 
in Daphne Blue

Light version
Ralph Lauren paint - Conservatory

Dark version
Ralph Lauren - Muse Blue

Try MANIC PANIC's Bad Boy Blue
"watered down" w/ white conditioner (thick)

1960 Super Heavy Relic Tele
in Aged Sonic Blue

this is Sonic Blue, un-aged

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Be The Raddest You Can Be

Step #1: Cool Jacket / Coat

Christopher Kane - fall 2016

Gucci - fall 2016

Bottega Veneta - spring 2016

Michael Kors - fall 2015

yeah, so it's the colour of...  Mohair Coat is the message

Bottega Veneta - spring 2017

Michael Kors - spring 2017

Step #2: Waves

Gucci - fall 2016 detail

Opening Ceremony - fall 2016 detail

Step #3: Satin Blouse


Step #4: Unusual Eyeliner (+ imperfect)

Fendi - spring 2017 makeup

Step #5: Laces

Fenty x Puma - LACING CAMI BRA

Step #6: Fuzzy / Fluffy Sweater

Bally - fall 2016

Both H&M

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Lil 'Packs (Backpacks)

Monster Face Mini Backpack
CAD $33.90
- Shell: 100% polyurethane
- Height: 10"- Width: 8"- Depth: 3.75"

Faux Fur Mini Backpack
CAD $30.90

- Shell: 82% acrylic, 18% polyester
- Height: 9" - Width: 8" - Depth: 4.5"

Velvet Mini Backpack
CAD $30.90

Size + Fit
- Height: 10" - Width: 8" - Depth: 3.75"

Quilted Pom Pom Backpack
CAD $33.90

All Backpacks above here are from Forever21

Topshop - Mini Quilted Backpack
100% Polyester.

Topshop - Quilted Backpack
100% Leather

Topshop - Large Velvet Backpack

Topshop - Floral Embroidered Backpack
100% Leather

Mini Velvet Backpack

Monday, November 21, 2016

Hard Candy - Trolls Make-up muthaf#$%as !!!

Hard Candy's Trolls Make-up Collection 
seems to be designed for 30-year-old Never-Bloomers 
(as in no such thing as late) like myself ! 

Forever young Bitches!

Marblelized tie-dye Lipstick mixes together to give off a beautiful neutral purple hue

Swipe on one color & reveal another w/ this color-changing lip gloss. 
The more you rub your lips together, the further the color will change, 
giving a iridescent glow. 

Rainbow prismatic highlighter

hair chalk sticks

palette combines iconic colors from the Trolls movie

Check out better pics at:

creamy pressed glitters

Trolls Metallic Mousse Matte Lip
Velvety texture with a metallic finish.  
Full coverage metallic matte liquid lip color 

This lip balm looks green, but will change to a personalized pink 
on application based on your body chemistry. 
Stain your lips for hours with a just-kissed pink glow.