Thursday, October 20, 2016

Hallowe'en Table Settings

mosses, baby's breath, white roses & white pumpkins w/ white candles

I'm really feeling White pumpkins this time around.
& Roses, both red & white, also have a romantic-goth feeling that suits the season

White Pumpkin w/ silver candelabras & driftwood/branches painted black

White /w Orange looks so good for daytime. 
Add sprigs of berries or pomegranates....

I'm really feeling pomegranates w/ Hallowe'en this year also
This gothy setting added bird skulls & oysters

Red Leaves & Pomegranates on the table

Deep red / purple blossoms

Dried corn cobs, figs & pears --w/ leaves/ husks attached

Love the gingham print w/ the white pumpkins -- 
would also look great w/ orange pumpkins

Placing gourds & pumpkins inside of capsules / glass belljars gives
a medicinal / Frankenstein vibe to me

Pumpkin Candelabra

Antlers w/ pumpkins is another elegant-but-gothy approach

There's a cool idea here about whitening up plastic decorative pumpkins: