Tuesday, October 4, 2016

θ GUCCI 2017 θ

You want Hallowe'en Inspiration?
Just peruse what the Gucci people are putting out lately!

Insane 70's Reno-Grandma 

Stiff shoulders under sheet organza

Tomboy goes to Barbie Prom

This time around I'm inspired by Dead Royalty:
(for Hallowe'en)

Crêpe wool silk dress w/ fur detail on sleeves
Necklace appliqué with crystals, glass pearls and beads
51% wool and 49% silk

Latex socks like Carrie


Cat-eye sunglasses with crystals to be a...

dorky Sailor / Girl Scout:

Gucci - spring 2017

Little Bo Peep anyone?

Gucci - Silk organza ruffle top

Or a 70's Little Red Riding Hood:

Gucci - resort 2017 runway

Gucci - spring 2017

Gucci - Embroidered wool cape