Sunday, October 23, 2016

Easy Costumes ➳

Queen of Hearts 
(I couldn't find that pic any bigger)
Upon first glance it may look like work, but a simplified interpretation 
still looks great & everyone owns some red, white & black

The main props are: 
a Crown, white tights/leggings, red lipstick & something w/ a heart on it
- Red wig not necessary

Poison Ivy
For this one a red wig or red hairspray + green clothing is really
all you need.
OR be Mother Nature & nix the red hair

Wrapping your legs & arms with contrasting green material
really takes it up a notch w/ little extra effort

Is she not the most Adorable thing you've ever seen?!?!

Cruella Deville
Another easy, very recognizable one:
- Fur coat - Gloves - Cigarette holder (make out of a straw)
You obviously will need black/white hairspray

Lookit these Munchkins!!

I like this 50s glamour take on Cruella--- you don't have to
look wild/disheveled to fit the part

I would Not let my 4 yr old pretend to smoke, 
but other than that this is probably the best one!

Morticia Addams
If you have long hair/a long black wig kickin' around,
this is the simplest of them all:
- Long-sleeved long dress
- Wig

Flowy fabric hanging down from the cuffs is a bonus.