Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Dolls as Hallowe'en Inspiration


Monster High - Abbey Bominable Doll, 
Monster Dance Party series

Frozen Princess
- glitter hair spray
- blue/grey face paint
- purple/blue/ silver lips & eyeshadow
- mask
- sheer dress

Monster High - Lagoona Blue Doll
Glowsome Ghoulfish series

Underwater Creature

Monster High - Posea Reef Doll
Great Scarrier Reef Down Under Ghouls 

Barbie - Ballet Wishes Doll

Ballerina (duh)

Barbie Fairy Rainbow doll

Fairy Sprite

Barbie Fairy Candy Fashion Doll

Pastel Beehive Fairy

Monster High - Rochelle Goyle Doll
Shriekwrecked Nautical Ghouls series

Half-Dead Pirate Weirdo

Monster High - Lagoona Blue Doll detail

mummify some boots 

Monster High - Jinafire Long Doll
Return to Skull Shores series

Feline Tribeswoman

Monster High - Peri & Pearl Serpentine Doll
Great Scarrier Reef series

Get Two-Heads

Monster High - Kala Mer'ri Doll

Or 4 Arms

Clawdeen Wolf Doll

..or some Ears

Monster High - Gillington “Gil" Webber Doll
Shriekwrecked Shriek Mates series

Scuba Diver Mutant

This Barbie is fucking Rad!!

Barbie Star Light Adventure CoStar - Blue Galaxy twin doll 

Based on the space fantasy movie Barbie Star Light Adventure, 
each galactic space twin doll has translucent glittery legs 
and matching translucent arms with ombre detail.  
Shimmery purple streaks in her long blue hair.

Barbie - Star Light Adventure Lights & Sounds Hoverboarder

a Futuristic Superheroine

Barbie™ Star Light Adventure 

a Space Princess

Bratz SnowKissed Doll, Cloe

..Or just be a Snow Bunny