Friday, September 23, 2016

Informed Appropriation: Fashion vs. Politics

Chanel - 2012 Couture

Outrage directed at the world of Fashion - a place meant for fantasy & fun -
only displaces efforts in the fight against racism.

Being inspired by another culture is not wrong.
Innocent civilians getting shot in the street without justice is wrong.

Chanel - 2012 Couture

Yes, it is important to be respectful & informed of the historic / cultural / 
religious connotations behind what you wear.
 But being Open-minded is what empathy & equality are all about.
Fashion & Art don't belong to one race.

Chanel - 2012 Couture

Let's not water down the purpose of the BLM movement when
non-discriminatory cultural appropriation Is possible. 
It's called fashion.

Jean Paul Gaultier - spring 2013 menswear

Cybergoth Fashion
a term coined in 1988 for a subculture inspired 
by elements of gothraver, and rivethead fashion.

Cybergoth style incorporates extravagant hair pieces and styles, including synthetic dreadlocks (known as cyberlox), and extensions made from plastic tubing, tubular crinoline, rubber etc.

Marc Jacobs - spring 2017 hair

Stripper appropriation at Gaultier - spring 2013 couture

Trailer Park appropriation

A woman who actually lives in a trailer park by

Indian nose chains & headdresses at Chanel - 2012 Couture

Kutia kondh woman - Khonds are an ethnic indigenous tribal people of India

Givenchy - fall 2015

headscarf at Chanel - 2012 Couture

Chanel - 2012 Couture

FKA Twigs performs in synthetic dreads

baby hairs at Valentino - fall 2016

Givenchy - fall 2015

Moschino - spring 2015 Menswear runway

Be kind to each other.