Tuesday, February 23, 2016

♂Male Style : Armani, McQueen & more!

McQ Alexander McQueen - fall 2016

I've gotta say, a handful of recent Mens' collections inspire me more than a dozen Womens'.
What's it all mean?

Thigh-high platform combat boots w/ leather pants, & minimalist check sweater

Knee-high oxblood platform combats + faded jeans + odd colour combo knit sweater

Orley - spring 2016

Macramé-esque top w/ contrasting  edges, cropped dress shorts

Orley  - fall 2016

Disheveled skoolboy styles.

Orley - fall 2015

Bomber-style cardigan, zip-up collared shirt

Berluti - fall 2016

Coat-over-coat. Sporty leather shoes.

Emporio Armani - fall 2016

Reminds me of Rachael's suit in Blade Runner (1982):

Emporio Armani - fall 2016

Leather jacket w/ patchwork detailing & knit collar/cuffs

I'm seeing a pattern here:

Harrison Ford in Blade Runner
Pretty sure Armani was inspired by the movie this time around.

LOVE these grey saggy jeans! 

Steven Alan - fall 2016

I LOVE this designer!

I grew up w/ a guy exactly like this..

BLK DNM - spring 2016

Saint Laurent - fall 2016

Douchy 70s femme rock dude chic. Still, just for the novelty..