Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Now, for some ART.

Tyler Armstrong, b. 1983, Toronto Canada
16" x 20" oil

Tyler Armstrong, BANNED, 2011
48" X 36" acrylics 

Tyler Armstrong, SURFACE SNAKE, 2012
36" X 30" oils/spray paints

Francis Pratt b. 1988, UK (based in Toronto, Canada)
“Pretzel at the Canal” 
Aerosol, Acrylic & paper on Canvas
60” x 48”

Francis Pratt “Motherland” 2015
Mixed media on wood
45” x 38”

ELIZABETH MURRAY b. 1940, Chicago.
Photos from an 1987 exhibition at the MOFA, Boston

Elizabeth Murray - Her Story, 1984. 
Oil on three canvases 
8' 9" x 11'

Elizabeth Murray

Elizabeth Murray exhibition, 1987, NYC

Julian Schnabel, b. 1951, Brooklyn, NY
Plaster matte, oil & resin on canvas
11.8' x 18.4'

Julian Schnabel, Domingueros in Revolution Square, 1998
oil, gesso, spraypaint on tarp
 96" x 120"

Christian Rosa, b. 1982, Rio de Janeiro.
The shits and the seven dwarves, 2013

Christian Rosa "Google Maps, My Ass", 2014.

Christian Rosa ‘PUT YOUR EYE IN YOUR MOUTH’ 2015.

Niki de Saint Phalle b. 1930, France
Altar Black and White, 1962.

Mimmo Paladino b. 1948, Italy.
Il Respiro della Bellezza I (The Breath of Beauty), 1991 
oil on wood 
81 x 81 x 12 inches 

Mimmo Paladino

Mimmo Paladino - Shéhérazade,1990
oil on canvas
cm 150 x 110

Frank Stella b.1936, Massachusetts. 
Photo from a 2015 exhibition, including
Felsztyn II (1971), pictorial reliefs that extend off the wall.

Frank Stella, Iffish (from Imaginary Places) 1998.

Robert Rauschenberg b. 1925, Texas.

Robert Rauschenberg - 1959.

Robert Motherwell b.1915, Washington.

Robert Motherwell, The Voyage: Ten Years After, 1961
Acrylic on canvas
172.7 x 520.7 cm

Jean Tinguely, b.1925 Switzerland.
two 6.25 x 8.25 postcards joined together w/ tape.
watercolors, ink, a ribbon and tassle, and stickers.

Jean Tinguely, 1982 serigraph in metallic inks on vellum ragpaper
for the Montreaux Jazz Festival
26" x 39"