Wednesday, February 10, 2016

New Kind of V-Day

Charlotte Harber - Happiness In Red
Oil & Latex on Cloth

Cildo Meireles’s Missão/Missões (How to Build Cathedrals) detail
with 600,000 pennies
at Blanton Museum of Art,  Austin, TX

Kembra Pfahler

Robert Therrien - RED ROOM 2000–7

Cildo Meireles’s Missão/Missões (How to Build Cathedrals), detail
installation includes 2,000 hanging hanging bones, & 800 communion wafers


Frida Kahlo, "Self-Portrait as a Tehuana," 1943. Oil on masonite.
Tehuantepec is a city and municipality in the southeast of the Mexican state of Oaxaca

Frida Kahlo lying in a hospital bed holding a mirror angled to paint her body cast.

The Voluptuous Horror of Karen Black

Melted wax creates a candle holder.