Saturday, February 6, 2016

‡ Cage Lingerie ‡

Countess Me set by Lena Lena lingerie on Etsy

Peek a Boo Panties by Lena Lena

Persephone Cage Briefs $64.12
by LoveLorn lingerie on Etsy

Bandana Panties, $22.37
by Ideologia on Etsy

Black Leather Frame Garter Belt/Cage Suspender Belt, $55.57
by LoveLorn lingerie on Etsy

Black satin elastic ouvert, $63.29
by Esty Lingerie

Ouvert, high-waisted frame knickers in black elastic, $46.65 
by Esty Lingerie

Frame knickers adjustable cage lingerie, $35.85 
 by DesvalidoAU

Black Elastic harness bra top/body harness (size made to order), $62.42
Twilight Siren lingerie

Cage Body Harness, $37.92
by Elphin Lingerie on Etsy

JAKIMAC - Harvey Chain Bra Wrap, $80
a wrap harness with halter-style chain bra. 
100% leather, steel. Made in Los Angeles

KEIRA "Velvet Skirt Harness" cage skirt, $47.39
by ParaNoire on Etsy

Bodycage harness with thong, $110.92
by Daisy Cutter Burlesque