Wednesday, January 20, 2016

FENDI Fall 2015 --delayed ecstaticreaction!

Before I bust into Fendi's 2016 magnificence, I thought I would officially acknowledge their inspiring creations of the recent past. 
Imagine them all cruelty-free tho (faux can be quite luxurious in these modern times).
I DO NOT condone buying new fur & skin. 

Fendi - fall 2015

Creamsicle ankle-length fur coat, shearling-covered booties (w/ lucite wedges no less)
+ hefty shearling handbag


Nubbly sheepskin coat, sheepskin sweater, & miniskirt! Peachy shearling booties.


Long-sleeved, funnel neck, white leather dress reminiscent of Angelina in Hackers (1995) below:


This collection had plenty of leather vests/bodices worn over long-sleeved knits. 

Here she wears gloves w/ pink shag cuffs w/ it.


Mukluk-style boots
mukluka sealskin or reindeer-skin boot worn by the Inuit people
A high, soft boot that is worn in the American Arctic 

Childlike patch pocket on chest of lock, loose-fitting dress w/ leather panels.

Barrel-like stiff leather vest, sheepskin skirt w/ panels. Fluffy fur booties.

Structured leather vest w/ buttons & pockets
Killer 'ombre' calf-length pencil skirt

Deep brown calfskin A-line minidress w/ funnel neck & contrasting patch pockets.

Off-white fur minidress w/ wide leather straps!

Delicate, arty frames