Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Tartan on the Table

For a castle-like banquet:
Tartan plates paired w/ red & leopard print bordered placemats, paisley napkins, fancy silverware & etched wine glasses.

Tartan = Plaid
Tartan on the table gives a very traditional Christmas feel - Cozy, warm, British.

A jeweltone setting w/ purple & green plaid,  purple napkins, & a beautiful copper teapot.

Tartan w/ b&w checkerboard plates make for an interesting juxtaposition. 
Wicker placemats add texture.

Another example of a black & white pattern paired w/ red tartan.

Tartan + shearling = cozy cottage

Gold w/ red & green tartan 

A muted version in greys & blues.

Long candlesticks & candelabras have a regal effect

Tartan w/ a flowery table runner & green glasses.