Friday, December 11, 2015

Men Need Holiday Outfits Too

Hermes - spring 2016

I hemmed n hawed over this one since it does has a spring vibe BUT the jacket to me is a perfect mix of festive but multi-purpose (like, for After the holidays)

Neil Barrett - spring 2016

Perfect patterned sweater-tee & short-sleeve button-down w/ large cuffs. Love the schoolboy vibe.

Hermes - fall 2015

Who's cool enough for olive leather slacks??

Rick Owens - fall 2014

For the Artist: maroon Boiled wool dresscoat, ochre leather fisherman-like boots
Something I just learned & thought I should share: 
- Burgundy has a purplish tinge, whereas Maroon has a brownish tinge 

Dunhill - fall 2015

Pretty ribbed angora-blend sweather + wide pinstripe slacks

Balenciaga - spring 2016

Not the windbreaker pants, but the lustrous putty-coloured blazer + boots

Balenciaga - fall 2014

Edgy blend of sporty, formless down coat + embossed structured blazer

Costume National - fall 2015

Verry nice camel coat + jewelled booties

Fendi - fall 2015

Fur Ombre (!) sweater bitches!

Fendi - fall 2014

Burnt orange slacks are still christmassy to me. Beautiful leather coat. Neon pop of persimmon.
This entire outfit speaks of 'original christmas man of dreams.'

Speckled navy wool suit w/ matching v-neck & big fur mitts. Intéressant.

Canali - fall 2014

Cozy fuzzy cuddly xmas bear


Issey Miyake - spring 2015

Prada - fall 2015

I just like the subtley frilly cuffs