Thursday, December 31, 2015

Hot New Year's Eve Mash-up !

vintage Donna Karen from

Dresses up black jeans. Wear w/ hefty, shiny cuffs & a fluffy jacket tonite!

Forever 21 - faux pearl cutout cuff

Forever 21 - High-Waisted Super Skinny Jeans

Balenciaga - shearling & suede backpack

No ball 'n chain purses for a night on the town!

Revolve - Capulet Shoulderless Bodysuit

same Balenciaga backpack in black

Urban OutfittersVelvet Bralette

Luxurious but comfy undergarments
Balenciaga - shearling mini Papier A4 bag

I'm always weak for shearling - Even faux will suffice.

Alexander Wang - spring 2016

LOVE sheer knee-length skirts w/ top half covered up


D&G - Coco patent leather Mary Janes w/ plexiglass heel  

These are Not practical, but clear heels are so brilliant & the 'lil roses + lipsticks remind me of
Romeo+Juliet ('96) for some reason

D&G - Vally patent leather lace-up bootie detail

Bevelled bejewelled chunky heels!

d&g - mirrored plexiglass box bag !

Moschino heels


Feels like a deliberate Chanel parody, which makes me happy

Alexander Wang - Double lock necklace

(who doesn't deserve notoriety but is the best known dude for wearing it, so had to include)

d&g - red velvet ornamented headband

d&g - studded wool felt cloche hat

Romeo+Juliet still
Dolce & Gabbana - printed cotton polo

d&g sacred heart ring
I can't deny I'm in love w/ D&G whole religiousy accessories line.

d&g - crown & medal earrings

Romeo+Juliet still

Have a BEAUTIFUL New Year's Eve everyone!!
Remember to drink water w/ your wine !