Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Hot Date: Holiday Edition

Dilemma: You want to dress festive, but you want to look elegant, 
BUT you want to show off your Original Mind. 
So, quirky-sparkly seems to be the answer.

Gucci - resort 2016

These looks are mainly for inspiration for silhouette + cut, not colour or print.
I like the hi-waisted below-the-knee pleated skirt idea, especially in a glittery poly knit
Paired w/ a delicated collared shirt, or even a fitted Western shirt as they did above, is dainty & hip.
Life Online Shop -

CIAO! metallic-pleated-skirt on

Gucci - pf 2016

Floor-length version w/ satin Bomber

Glittery party dress w/ patches

Audra - fall 2015

Cool gold-cream plush dress w/ sheer top & collar

Gucci - pf 2016

Green, red, & gold --Go for the gullet!

Party dresses w/ unique Gloves & neckerchiefs 

Baja East - pf 2015

Shaggy glit tunic, thin vest- coat w/ belt, dropped-crotch slacks

Gucci - resort 2016

Indoor Berets-- embroidered lace

Casual Girly
Lamé Bomber & knit lace Skirt

Gary Graham - fall 2015
Velvet bias-draping sleeveless blouse, Mid-calf graphic print skirt

Fur-trim Capulet, sequined & beaded sheer long-sleeves, wide-leg Slacks