Friday, December 4, 2015

A Tree like No Other

I used to be totally against fake trees. I used to be against a lot of dumb things.
One of the many perks of growing up, I guess - Letting go of identifying yourself via your 'opinions.'
Now I think more along the lines of: Life is for experimenting & changing. Have fun w/ your tree!

Placing small trees in unexpected corners of your home make them more special, I think.

I'm not too enthralled by the sparse style trees, but as a table centrepiece or by the phone if you have a little desk area, could be very nice.

Or, if you're anti-tree, making wintery scenes in your windows inspired by nature & ice are nice.

Trees like this, green w/ a snowy-white effect, seem to celebrate winter & the beauty of evergreens more than religion etc.

White trees are more extravagant & I think could look out of place in a casual (aka slightly messy or bohemian) space. 

Modern homes/studio apartments seem to suit white trees best.

I thought this idea of putting a small tree in a children's room was so nice

Pink trees look quite retro

I find the black trees the most impressive in a traditional space. They look majestic & elegant.