Sunday, November 8, 2015

Staying Weird Thru Winter

How to Not turn into a functional Bore as soon as it turns frigid?

Lutz Huelle - spring 2016
For a small decade now I've fantasized about functional (read: flat, treaded sole) thigh-high winter boots. Hence, this.

Milly - fall 2015
Shearling vest over chunky, loose sweater + belt
No. 21 - spring 2016
the shirt is Hideous, but I like the idea of muted snakeskin print in fall/winter

Hunter Original - spring 2016
Summery colours in the cold

No. 21 - fall 2015
Mohair sweater-skirt 'suit' 

Fur sweaters + heavily textured pieces

Parsons MFA - spring 2016
Thin, drapey, loose w/ irregular dye jobs

Adam Lippes - pf 2015

Preen Line - fall 2014
70sesque Ski sweater w/ full skirt Sweater Dress

Sally LaPointe - fall 2015

Faith Connexion - pf 2015

Just discovered this label & like it lots

fall 2015