Monday, November 16, 2015

My Picks: BALMAIN x H&M

BALMAIN x H&M, 100% linen. 
BALMAIN x H&M. Double-breasted coat, 70% wool

My initial reaction is that this collection is too military ---military got dull 2 years ago.

Also, the collaboration is a poor business move considering Balmain is notoriously over-priced, 

so this only confirms how unwarranted the 5000% markup is on their runway collections.  

Corded nautical blazers can only cost so much to manufacture, + Is the Balmain name really even that cool anymore? 

BALMAIN x H&M. Dress in cotton velvet w/ braided details, front pockets & chunky, gold-coloured zip down the back. Lined. Black 100% cotton


This was the coolest product in my mind: Balmain earbud headphones ! 

They should've done an entire e-accessories line (phone cases, laptop/ipad cases etc) instead of a bunch of jewel-tone & gold satiny blousons.

BALMAIN x H&M. In-ear headphones from Molami™ with a clip-on microphone &

 controls. The headphones have twisted wires and leather straps w/ metal decorations.

I tossed this one in for good measure. Sporty, easy to wear. Could be dressed up or semi-casual.

BALMAIN x H&M. Polo-neck jumper in a rib knit w/ a slight sheen, w/ 

chunky, gold-coloured zip down the back, shoulder pads & ribbed 

cuffs. 89% viscose, 10% polyamide, 1% elastane.