Friday, November 27, 2015

Some Cool Editorial Style

ODDA Magazine
March 2015
model: Nora Vai

Interview Magazine - Lonely Hearts Club

March 2015

Vogue Australia
March 2013
model: Aline Weber

same model, this year

Modern Weekly (China)
Aline Weber Cover story
September 2015

Free Magazine - Indigo Kids
April 2015
model: Esmeralda Seay Reynolds
Interview Mag
May 2015
model: Tamy Glauser

Marie Claire Italy
June 2015
model: Anne Verhallen

Air France Madame - Art Opening

March 2015
model: Mariah Morrison


model: Zuzana Gregorova
blonde model: Ieva Laguna

Purple Fashion

Guinevere Van Seenus by Theo Wenner, Sept 2015

Numero Tokyo - October 2014
model: Tasha Tilberg

Elle Australia 
November 2013
model: Martha Hunt

Vogue Italia - A Dazzling Party
March 2014model: Aline Weber, again

Monday, November 16, 2015

My Picks: BALMAIN x H&M

BALMAIN x H&M, 100% linen. 
BALMAIN x H&M. Double-breasted coat, 70% wool

My initial reaction is that this collection is too military ---military got dull 2 years ago.

Also, the collaboration is a poor business move considering Balmain is notoriously over-priced, 

so this only confirms how unwarranted the 5000% markup is on their runway collections.  

Corded nautical blazers can only cost so much to manufacture, + Is the Balmain name really even that cool anymore? 

BALMAIN x H&M. Dress in cotton velvet w/ braided details, front pockets & chunky, gold-coloured zip down the back. Lined. Black 100% cotton


This was the coolest product in my mind: Balmain earbud headphones ! 

They should've done an entire e-accessories line (phone cases, laptop/ipad cases etc) instead of a bunch of jewel-tone & gold satiny blousons.

BALMAIN x H&M. In-ear headphones from Molami™ with a clip-on microphone &

 controls. The headphones have twisted wires and leather straps w/ metal decorations.

I tossed this one in for good measure. Sporty, easy to wear. Could be dressed up or semi-casual.

BALMAIN x H&M. Polo-neck jumper in a rib knit w/ a slight sheen, w/ 

chunky, gold-coloured zip down the back, shoulder pads & ribbed 

cuffs. 89% viscose, 10% polyamide, 1% elastane. 


Wednesday, November 11, 2015


    Art Angels
    Studio album by Grimes
    Art Angels is the fourth studio album by Canadian singer and producer Claire Boucher, professionally known as Grimes. It was digitally released on November 6, 2015 via 4AD, and will be physically released on December 11, 2015

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