Monday, August 3, 2015

My Next Boyfriend

Yeah, so I was just Dumped by a drunken fool.
Apparently I'm "Too much Work" --Damn straight, Bitch!

Alexandre Plokhov - spring 2016

a buttercream angelic beast to boss around possibly? 
Christopher Raeburn - spring 2016

or a dark, rugged athlete?

Au Jour Le Jour - spring 2016

Someone 'young at heart' who I don't have to school, but who isn't too high & mighty to dress like a dork
Christopher Shannon - spring 2016

arty weirdo?
scrawny juvie skater brat?

Berluti - spring 2016

neon bi guy?
Damir Doma - fall 2015

strangely poetic European immigrant sore thumb?
Damir Doma - spring 2015

Not sure who this one is. Prob my study partner.
On 2nd thought, just send me Carl Hjelm Sandqvist for supper