Tuesday, May 5, 2015

x3 : Rodebjer, Maiyet & Honor

Rodebjer - resort 2015 Funnel neck, printed denim coat-dress

Launched in 1999 by swede Carin Rodebjer (b. 1970). 
She studied at FIT in NYC in the early 90's & established her label back home before returning to the Big Apple in 2012 to expand into N. America. As style.com put it back in 2012: "In Scandinavia Rodebjer is an established brand; here in the States, it hasn't yet made much of an impact."

Saturated burnout print, double-breated, raglan sleeve shirt-dress. 
Long, lightweight dresses & coats are my new obsession.
The above two remind me of something Jessa from Girls would wear.
Rodebjer - spring 2014
Kimono wrap dress-coat w/ big labcoat pockets

Looking through all the seasons, I can see why Rodebjer hasn't caught on internationally. There isn't a cohesive 'look' to the brand, other than maybe 'relaxed oddball' which really could be anything loose-fitting. Carin herself calls it 'minimalist, laidback luxury' which to me reveals her own confusion re: the brand's core concept, as many looks cannot be described as minimal.  Nevertheless, there's still inspiration to be found in her work & a sense of continual growth, with both her design process & presentation visibly improving over time. 
pre-fall 2015
We've seen a lot of powder blue & light pink over the past year, but lilac has been neatly overlooked, so this seems clever.
Rodebjer - spring 2015
Plush, heavier weight coat & shorts. Definitely an odd choice for spring
“I didn’t know I wanted to go into fashion per se, but I knew I was sewing & drawing all the time, so I definitely had a sense of what I wanted to do even though I didn’t know that people could work in fashion, really." - designer Carin Rodebjer
resort 2015
Beautiful sheer blouse-dress-coat w/ those raglan sleeves again mixing the classy-casual.

Maiyet - pf 2014
Founded in 2010 by two ethically-minded lawyers & a industrial engineer, Maiyet is unique in that it promotes sustainable employment in struggling countries by hiring local artisans to assist in the manufacturing process.

Fall 2014
Subtly embroidered vest-coat over sheer, knit shirt-dress. The furry, navy clutch & metallic green oversize necklace takes this look in a more Miu Miu direction while avoiding the cartoonish.
I thought this one had a Gucci vibe, but then couldn't find a match to show you. Anyway, who cares: the weighty sweater-coat, muted-sporty leggings, loose boots & unusual deep-v effortlessly differentiate.

Maiyet - pf 2015
Tear-away, cropped, sleeveless coveralls? What! 
& w/ a print edging in on alpine. 70's-ski-bunny-inspired anyone??
To me that handbag mimics a baby stingray..or maybe I'm just so electrified I'm seeing sea creatures
pf 2015
Who's not a sucker for slouchy, plain knee socks? And this fringed tweed vest-dress looks like Chanel's deconstructed 2nd-cousin
HONOR - pf 2014
Founded in 2010 by Giovanna Randall, also once a FIT student & intern at Costume National. HONOR is dedicated to the fair treatment of its' employees & to returning industry to Manhattan's historic garment district. HONOR garments are produced exclusively in New York City..
Honor - resort 2015
Jumpsuits, especially sophisticated ones, are the future. Bye bye stupid jeans.
resort 2015
Quirky girliness for the sweet dreamer
spring 2015
Back to that powder blue --but the electric blue cat eye & 2-pearl double-breast takes it to a Royal Weirdo level
Courtney if she was in her 20's now