Saturday, February 7, 2015

Sometimes we talk Interiors

tall mirrors add drama
wall clusters (objects) give the illusion of movement, texture & lightheartedness

Black walls = instant glamour

Powder Blue velvet is soft & calming

Shapely Area Rugs (hide or not) make a room more funky/artsy 

Layered coffee tables feel delicate & of course retro

Patterned ceilings make a room feel smaller/cozier
& Simplified cut leaf or flower arrangements (on mantle) are just plain stylish

Deep couches, preferably of the firm/structured variety, are daybed-like which make a room more casual by promoting lounging

Diptychs or Sequence art - This one's placement is a little offputting, but in general it's a nice replacement of wallpaper or pattern in a otherwise muted room
One wallpapered wall - similar concept to the sequence art above but for a stronger focal 

wood stoves - oh the homeyness! Maybe even better than a fireplace
(white tiled far left)
brick islands - I think best in an urban home
open shelves as room dividers
Painted mirrors - If a modern symbol (i.e. not an old dispensary logo etc.) they can be very clean & minimalist
This colour 
And, finally, this fucking bathroom. For one day.