Sunday, November 30, 2014

Asia Trip edition: Bright Sneakers

Hello World!
I've been in Asia since November 10th - my first trip abroad! Currently staying in Hong Kong, I've whizzed thru 5 cities in China (Shanghai, Nanjing, Wuxi, Hangzhou, & Suzhou), 3 cities in South Korea (Wonju, Chuncheon, and Seoul), wandered around Lantau Island, and now here in the Sheung Wan neighbourhood of HK. Taipei's next on the menu.

A big 'trend' I've noticed here are bright sneakers. 
Especially with a all black/white outfit, usually consisting of:
- black leggings and socks
- long white or black shirt or tank dress
- zip-up hoody if colder 

Let's not get it twisted-- I'm not referring to the similar trend that's very 'hip-hop' inspired, w/ some bold stupid word on your toque (winter hat) or oversized black sweatshirt. This is a much more muted, classy look, with comfy, colourful runners as the main event. It can be more sporty or more sophisticated, but always simplified.

I first got inspired by the sneakers when Ronnie & me went to an outlet in Korea & he showed me these babies:
We each got a pair, my first Nikes, for $50 & they are so versatile but can be worn out at night no problem. Surprising...

I've included these Chanel fall 2014 tweed versions, which I thought were quite ballsy & clever because everyone knows that which is initially seen as ugly will soon be seen as stylish !

Chanel - spring 2014 couture

Bye for now!!!