Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Ode to Emporio

Emporio Armani - Fall 2014
Recently I've started watching runway shows while I'm in the bath, which is something I do every long winter in order to reheat my frigid bones (I live in Toronto, Canada and it is currently -18 C). I always knew I liked Armani but didn't go as far to define which Armani line was the One. Now I know it is the Emporio Armani sub-label that is intelligent, rule-breaking, and innovative yet streamlined, meaning there is a distinct Emporio Armani 'look.' This is most amazing because the designs are all so unique but wearable, so the fact that Giorgio/his team are able to build all their ideas to share a core concept is impressive.
Thin, silken Trench, blouse w/ pocket flaps, loose but rigid shorts, trouser socks, Patent lace-up shoes
Double-breasted Jacket, silkscreen Tee, wide-leg trousers, patent boots, thin chain strap boxy purse
Spring 2014
Pastel Hawaiian-shirt inspired print short-sleeved 'blazer' ! Sheer embroidered blouse
I love this silk Pyjama top/lightweight coat, stiff neck scarf, loose blouse-dress, watercoloured semi-sheer leggings & gladiator ankle boots
Beautiful wraparound calf-length skirt
Check out these glittery sock-heels w/ the ankle-strap on the outside!

Fall 2013
So space-age but So 1920's

Spring 2013