Monday, March 10, 2014

Celine - fall 2014
This could've been straight up dorky, but the beauty is in the details:
Oversized notched lapel, fitted sleeves, cinched waist, A-line silhouette, mid-calf hem, wide, puffy fur belt = Interesting/smart. Combine this w/ matching patent platforms = original & slap on hair slicked back tightly + reddish brown shadow + 1 dangly earring and you've got yourself an original.

Fendi - fall 2014
I love the velvety texture and impressive size of this night sky dress. It IS minimalist but it's not, it's casual but it's really not. Combined w/ the slicked deep side part & not much else, I'm a fan.
rear view

Chalayan - fall 2014
What a cool, stiff, simple pant! Very elongating, very futuristic. The coat's alright too - I like how it props the head up disembodied.
BLK DNM - spring 2014
I tossed this one in because of the choice of footwear, length of shirt, & sporty bomber in contrast to the bitchy updo.

Costume National - prefall 2014
Kind of Ziggy Stardust + Thin White Duke. The hair for this collection inspires me to no end at the moment. This double-breasted blazer is subtly asymmetrical, w/ one hem 3" longer than the other which is strangely, simply original. Neckerchiefs have been cool for some time now but this outfit is so anti-greaser it's a fresh take. Her bleached brows + sunken eyes & haircut make it almost too androgynous, & then they added the sexy 2-strap heels to turn it on it's head.
Marni - pf 2014
WHOEVER came up w/ this Marni collection can kiss my hand ! (which I despise)
So clever, so plain cool & full of great ideas, but so functional...I can't say enough good things. This particular look features pleated, cropped slacks, bronze metallic-toed loafs, fuzzy, heavy navy coat, electric blue stole & bright boxy purse.
Jonathan Saunders - pf 2014
This is so sexy, it's like the better version of that recent Vuitton checkerboard collection, for this, my friends is a red & SHEER checkerboard, aka they photoshopped her nubbly bits out of this photo! Imagine the possibilities of undergarments & effects w/ a dress like this hangin around--- biker shorts + sporty bra, red slip, miniskirt & tube top...on and on

Milly - spring 2014
Again, this skirt would just be great to have around. Pencil skirts, especially stretchy ones, and extra esp sheer & stretchy ones, are a big deal for me right now
J. Mendel - resort 2014
- This is a baby blue, panelled what looks like cow-hair Trench !
Also love the sheer pencil skirt & deep side part
Lanvin - spring 2014 detail