Monday, February 24, 2014

New Inspirators

Vuitton - pf 2014
Furry toque, Embellished Tee, Sequined knee-length loose skirt, Leather socks, Patent oxblood pumps !!
Acne - pf 2014
3/4 sleeve Foamed neopreme (scuba wear material) Tshirt dress, Stretch Satin ruched leggings, artsy stroppy heels
Barbara Bui - spring 2014
Love this silhouette/type of outfit lately. Longer coats are so casual-chic to me now. 
Dark fitted leg w/ white shoes.
Balmain - pf 2014
Subtle sparkly black-on-black zebra print Bomber-Blazer (Notched lapel, elasticized waistband), Leather calf-length Dress w/ inserts, pointy-toed spike heel Ankle Boots
Armani - pf 2014
Seafoam wool Coat w/ wide, drooping slleves, matching slacks, Suede heel/contrasting patent toe Heels
Akris - pf 2014
Cream beret, ribbed cashmere Sweater-coat (no fasteners), scoop-neck tee, Leather leggings, beige leather pumps w/ chunky combat soles