Saturday, May 18, 2013

Potential New Personal Style

I have lost my personal style somewhere over the past year and am having trouble defining my taste.
I decided to look at a lot of fashion online and put anything that caught my eye into a post to try and rediscover what I like.

Above: I like the beat-up ankle boots, gray tights and loose but semi-structured jacket

 I like metallic shoes

I like leggings w/ shorts
I like light denim and thin, stretchy slacks. Gloves and sunglasses also nice.
I like faded black slacks.
I like shirts/sweaters worn as dresses.
I like mini skirts and translucent hose.
I like excessive girly mixed w/ punky. This girl calls it "Lolita"
I want a trenchcoat finally. A generic tan one. I like the leather gloves worn w/ it.

More things: 
cinched waists
collared shirts
vests, denim & bomber