Saturday, September 8, 2012

Replacing Red Lipstick

It's dawned on me that I've been wearing red lipstick almost solely for WAY too long, & though it'll never go away, it's time for me to move on a bit & get myself some new, intense shades!

 #1: Black creme Lipstick
Users comments about Black Lipstick at :
- You are young once, go for a stunning, striking look!
- I should just do it, I own it any way I just need to be bold about it
- Do it then, go somewhere fabulous with it on, people will notice you in good and negative ways, but that is what happens when you fly against the mainstream. It's great to be a fashion 1st on the streets!

above pic from:

Lime Crime - Styletto, opaque $16

Other option: Ka'Oir - Night, $17

For those who think Black is taking it a little too far: Deep Burgundy
Chanel - Rouge Noir $34
Chanel - La Provocante  (matte)

I think a medium-bright Violet like the one below is a good equivalent to the common Red. An easy way to ease into wearing more unconventional shades in public.

 above: YSL - Violet Singulier, $32
above & below: Lancome - Violette Coquette, deep purple w/ blue & pink undertones $25

Worn in one layer it is fuschia (below) & becomes deeper violet when you lay it on thick

 Chanel - Kensington
It's driving me nuts that there's only one decent photo online of someone wearing this lipstick & she's very olive, so I can't really tell if it's too plain...but it looks nice!
above & below: Estee Lauder - Violet Crush, matte creme finish $25

Chanel - Coromandel laque $32

above & below: Lime Crime - Mint To Be, opaque $16

I'm still 50/50 about mint lipstick. I almost think a richer, brighter greens would look better. But you really need guts to wear it out, esp in the daytime. It's a shame that reds, pinks & purple are 'mainstream-accepted' but not blues, greens, and black.
Ka'Oir - Force, $17

above & below: MAC - Moxie, a bright red pink