Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Love & Rockets Fashion

The Hernandez Bros. Love & Rockets comics are chockfull of storylines & imagery that liberate women, racial minorities and homosexuals.This post is dedicated to Love & Rockets character's fashion.
I love the layers, oversized jackets/coats & skintight slacks

Hopey & Maggie from Jaime Hernandez' L&R
 Maggie again in Highwaisted peg-leg jeans, tank top tucked in, slouchy-cuff gloves & loose workjacket
I love the tight jeans w/ holes in the knees! & they're comfier (1st time trying to write that word!) that way too
One of my favourite looks on Daffy. Looks like straight up opaque tights worn w/ lil pumps, a long men's shirt over top + motorcycle jacket
Similar look but w/ fishnets & what looks like a leather or pvc mini skirt
This one doesn't really count cause it's Daffy at work, but I like the rolled up pantlegs & side-buckle loafs

Daffy in peacoat + either minimini skirt or shortshorts & thigh high socks
Hopey, Daffy, and Maggie in the bathroom
Beatríz "Penny Century" García in old uniform shirt (name patch), sleeves cuffed, highwaisted jeans, rolled over socks 
Far left Beatriz, far right Hopey in those newly popular round military shades which I first got crazed about after watching Terminator II:
I've since bought a pair (w/out sides on them likes above) & they do NOT block the light at all, purely decorative so I never wear them = (
Beatriz and Hopey---LOVE the shiny pencil skirt worn w/ another uniform-type shirt

Tonantzin from Gilberto Hernandez's Palomar
Another leather? skirt, this time mini w/ big ass belt, bangles & hoop earrings. Love a tiny, flat purse w/ this look
All out of the minds of these two Southern Californian brothers: Jaime Hernandez (Left) & Gilberto Hernandez

Tonite at The Vine

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Cake it On: 80's Makeup

Young Madonna
Eyeshadow worn to the brows 
Black eyeliner
Mascara on tops & bottom
Furry brows
Matte Fuchsia mouth
Grace Jones
 Thin, drawn-on brows
Red eyeshadow to brows
Shadow on inner side of bridge of nose
Black shadow swept out to the side to meet the end of eyebrow
Heavily defined Cheekbones w/ a contrasting shade
Brown & Gold lipliners
Red mouth
Debbie Harry of Blondie
This one doesn't need a run-through, except for mentioning PINK
Debbie epitomized the soft, pretty 80s look
Deep Blue Eyeliner
Pale pink eyeshadow
Frosty Peach lipstick
Annie Lennox
I think the biggest difference between 80s makeup & makeup today is Blush. Blush today is
supposed to look natural & that was NOT the point in the 80s. Then you were meant to look like you were wearing makeup. It sucks that that is frowned upon nowadays---because caking it on is FUN
Joan Jett
 Siouxsie Sioux
Doesn't really count as 80's since it wasn't trendy & she likely would've done something equally garish no matter what the era, but...
Kate Bush
Whatta lady! Shouldn't even be discussing makeup of all things w/ her, but here she is
Dolly Parton
Baby blue, pink, peach, white...she's a pastel party!
& If you can believe it...this IS Boy George

Yes, & I'm deliberately not including Cyndi Lauper!!