Saturday, June 30, 2012

Saturday, June 23, 2012

In the Glow of True Romance

These are stills from the film True Romance (1993) written by Tarantino, but real credit goes to the British director Tony Scott, who also directed Top Gun & Days of Thunder. The lighting throughout the whole film really gives the night scenes a smoky, cool vibe.

I did some digging & discovered both Scott,the film's cinematographer Jeffrey Kimball & the Production Designer Benjamin Fernandez had all worked together just prior on 1990's Revenge. Kimball also worked on Top Gun and Fernandez was Days of Thunder's Art Director, so it was a tight team that had experience working together which really shows in the film. James Murakami, the film's Art Director was Asst. Art Director for Alien and Lead Set Designer for 1990's Dick Tracy which also has that smoky, urban feel to it. It's amazing how much a solid team shows in the end product.

New Look components

There's a New Look that's been brewing for some time that's inspired by the early 90s New York Hip Hop scene in combination with some type of gladiator motorcycle gangster prostitute. Below are some components:



Dannijo Rowan necklace

Dannijo Estrella earrings

the above two are from

from: OldDogVintage on etsy

from My Wandering Eye on etsy

LEATHER Jackets & accessories

Lanvin - fall 2012

STUDDING & other EXTREME ORNAMENTATION, esp gold & various unconventional shapes like stars & crosses

Versace - spring 2012

Lanvin - fall 2012

Balmain - fall 2012

Versace - spring 2012

LOOSE TOP, TIGHT OR SKIMPY BOTTOM: leggings, miniskirt, short shorts, or hosiery worn with loose Tshirt, Bomber jacket, loose Denim jkt or Baseball jkt (pleather sleeves, cloth body w/ CF snaps)

STATEMENT MOUTH – red, fuschia, pale pink, black, violet, orange

on Richard Chai runway spring 2012

DARK EYES – black, heavy eyeshadow/eyeliner & mascara or thick false lashes

HEAVY BROWS - esp squared off in the middle & drawn out longer to the sides

GLOVES - esp fingerless & cropped at the wrist & sometimes studded

Lanvin - fall 2012

RELIGIOUS PARAPHRENALIA: crosses or flaming hearts & COLOURS usually found in religious art such as bold blue, rich red, vermillion

Versace - spring 2012
GARISH PRINTS & DETAILING / CHAIN-PRINT (aka 'scarf print'= gold chain print on black background)

Versace 80s print blouses

Versace - spring 2012
GAUDY ARTIFICIAL NAILS - esp w/ things affixed to them like gems, chains etc.

SPORTSWEAR like heather grey Sweatshirts or sweatpants, Nike hitops etc
BANDANAS on women's hair

OTHER DETAILS to evolve the New Look:
Blumarine - fall 2010

Balmain - spring 2012

Herve Leger - fall 2012

Lanvin - fall 2012

Balmain - spring 2012