Thursday, May 17, 2012

Celestial Textures

The futuristic, heavily textured materials designers have begun incorporating into their collections illustrate that colour & print alone cannot diversify fashion enough to satisfy the current desire to look unique. Doing something 'new' has become more difficult now that eclecticism is the lasting fad ---to look different from everyone else. Using the latest textile manufacturing technology & concocting new methods of embellishment has resulted in some pretty mindblowing garments.

Strange textures, toxic hues, alien lustre - Changing the surface of a piece has become the newest way to create something truly radical.

"By some feat of fabric technology, a mirror effect managed to give organza a reflective quality. Silk was threaded with metal to produce a sheen." - Tim Blanks for, January 2011

Above three: the amazing Armani Prive - Spring 2011 Couture collection

Above: Ports 1961 - fall 2012 & Top - spring 2010

Above two: Another mindblowing lineup at Valentino - Couture, spring 2010. After seeing stuff like this you really realize how either wimpy or just unimaginative the celebrities who get to borrow this stuff for events really are.

Nicole Farhi - fall 2012

"The new Farhi collection was a typically accomplished affair, rich in accessible, adult clothes made from luxe, technically innovative materials. Klimt-influenced fugue of metallics: The metal sequins she used were matte, and had a mineral feeling; a gorgeous bronze jacquard had a mottled look, like a fading penny." - Maya Singer for, February 2012

Above: Maison Martin Margiela - fall 2011 very Bladerunner trenchcoat.

Above 5: Metallic leather & mirror embroidery at Balmain - Fall 2011

Above: Quilted, embossed, bejewelled, & shiny at Balmain - spring 2012

Below three: Proenza Schouler - spring 2011

"Over-the-top colorful and loaded with sensory details. Guipure (= A coarse, large-patterned lace without a net ground) lace in hot, sulfur colors" - Nicole Phelps for