Monday, January 23, 2017

Mid-Century Modern gems

1973 Mid-century Modern home
155 Ambler Road
Athens, Georgia

Above & next three: 1954
801 Ridgemont Avenue 
San Antonio, Texas

1965 wood-panelled rec room w/ parquet flooring
320 Euclid Ave.
Winnetka, IL

Above and below:
1953 pool room at
220 North Cardinal Ave.
Addison, IL

Tiki Bar in pool room

1960 - Frank Lloyd Wright
Minneapolis, Minnesota

Above and next four images:
1962 Mid-century Modern home
11840 E. Buffalo Street
Polo, Illinois

This isn't original, just like their take on the style of the period

1974 street view
11856 Moorpark St.
Studio City, CA

Not sure why I like this ---the sculpted hedges, stout little trees, and corner
stone-framed garden. It feels like a miniature.

1969 Mid-century Modern home
4765 Lake Road
Miami, Florida