Saturday, January 16, 2016

Kate Turns 42

I'm not big into idolatry -especially of models- but Kate is cool in real life 
& doesn't 'dress her age' which I think is an important practice for all of us !

This is the cake I would choose for Kate
Karen Seay of Cakes in Art miniature cake 

in W Magazine, April 2015

Kate in Furs

Forever 21 Kate

Ellen DeGeneres Kate

Hallowe'en Kate

Lamé Kate

Spike heel Kate

Foxy Kate

Fall 2015 campaign

Kate at Work

Leggy Kate

Glittery Limo Kate

I wanted to only include recent photos of Kate, but then I remembered this outfit 
from Glastonbury 2005 & couldn't resist!

Lacey Kate


Fuzzy Kate.