Monday, April 27, 2015

Summery Thoughts

MSGM - resort 2015
The cut of this is real cool. The print not so much.

Once the warm days approach...
Douglas Hannant - resort 2015
Woven Monochrome outfits look incredible w/ casual footwear.
And this is so simple but the cut & material so unique...I this this Hannant guy is officially on my radar.
Honor - resort 2015
Same story w/ this lil number. Can't you see Juliet wearing this in '96? Maybe minus the choker.

Now I know the below slacks are a shocker---but I would buy them just to use as a sewing pattern!

...Could be awesome in different, less offensive shades too..

Serenity Wide Leg Leggings $32 at

Maiyet - resort 2015
Fat Pants! I just can't

Falling Leaves slide sandal by clover canyon
Slides are in my future--unless they fall off when you ride your bike, then maybe not.

Lasercut Kimono Jacket by Clover Canyon
Umm,,,What?! This is the perfect summer cover-up. 
I think I'll try to make my own in a pale rosey colour. Now, how to cut perfect circles??
Rodebjer - resort 2015
Lonnnng shirt, sweaters, blouses ---I'm all for it

Gary Graham - spring 2015
Gary, I love you. You deserve your own post.
Jonathan Simkhai - spring 2015
The lasercut kimono coat will be in the above colour.
Electric Feathers - spring 2015
If you have a large chest & hips this would look way better than on her.
Jasmin Shokrian - spring 2015
Moderne Tennis
Holly Fulton - spring 2015
Tapestry Chic
Ermanno Scervino - spring 2015
And for that special night by the beach...

Friday, April 3, 2015

Clever Easter Ideers

So..I just finished filling & decorating a bunch of baby blue chinese takeout containers as Easter baskets. You know, with raffia inside & some collages on the outside. Couldn't help but feel they're a little generic and am raring to make a couple more in a style I've never done before. 
So, naturally, I went googling for other easter basket replacements.
Matchbox felt Bunnies from:

Easter Dioramas by: (May 2012)

Cardboard Fruit boxes!
Decorated Egg cartons of course - she used matte mod podge for glue. 
And by 'she' I mean: used 'craft paint' for the ones above

This was once a Pringles chip can ! 

Now for some Filler idillers:
- clover & other wildlife


- strips of newsprint
- Popcorn!
recipe at:

- tulle
-marshmallows (dried out first)
- jellybeans
- fruit loops!

- feathers
- coloured foil coins!!!!!!! (at


White chocolate's where it's at this year for me! This looks so slick

These are f-ing adorable & I want them. But they're useless, so I don't.
Tips for getting Vibrant coloured eggs:
1. Wait until boiled eggs are cool before dyeing
2. Boil your water before adding the dye to it
3. To each bowl add 1/2 tsp Vinegar, then add 3/4 cup of the boiled water
4. Add up to 1/2 tsp of Dye depending on how bright you want your eggs
5. Mix, then lower the egg carefully in and watch it change!

NOTE: Will dye your counters/tables if spilled so watch out !

This was so incredible I had to include it: