Monday, October 20, 2014

A New Kind of Hallowe'en Party

For many years I relished the idea of Hallowe'en being scary & dark and decorated my apartment and body as such. The past few weeks however I've been inspired by a new kind of Hallowe'en theme. Think more fantasy world, more atmospheric, more dreamy.
Underwater theme
Jungle at night

Jungle table

Pirate/ Ship

Winter party

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Fall Stock

I got some ideas. 

(try listening to Depeche Mode's - The Bottom Line while scrollin)
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 Blue as the new Black
as seen at Altuzarra - fall 2014
Balenciaga - fall 2014
rear view
 Cedric Charlier - fall 2014

White in Winter
f*%@ this ridiculous rule
 Chloe - fall 2014

Altuzarra - fall 2014 above & below 
Cedric Charlier - fall 2014

Long Leather Skirts
ADEAM - fall 2014

'Asian-inspired' Prints
 Anna Sui - fall 2014
ADEAM - fall 2014
Araks - fall 2014
(Such an inspiring collection --check it out)

Thick dresses w/ wide belts on top
Balenciaga by Alex Wang - fall 2014


Stiff, somber Jacket-Skirt Sets
Araks - fall 2014

Big-Ass Slacks
 Araks again

 Witchy Booties
these are Boss by Jason Wu - fall 2014