Monday, May 26, 2014

Here Comes the Bride

Valentino - Couture Spring 2014
Imagine it in a less soiled yellow hue
Valentino couture - spring 2013

This post is about wedding gowns.

Neckline examples:
Valentino couture - spring 2013
High, Victorian neck, full chest, shoulders and arms covered. Very regal and romantic.
Elie Saab couture - fall 2011
High, boat neckline with center slit. More cocktail.

Elie Saab couture - spring 2014
Extremely sheer high neck, covered chest, shoulders, arms. Very mermaid.

Elie Saab couture - fall 2013

Here the neckline/sleeves are completely sheer and leave a stark separation between the bodice and top/sleeves. There's an intensity to this type of bold contrast of texture-pattern & sheer-opaque. Overall, a more dramatic effect.
Luisa Beccaria - fall 2013
More substantial, rigid lace, almost opaque coverage. Once again, regal and historical.

Elie Saab couture - fall 2011
Slightly ruched high neckline with mesh underlay and lace trimmed draping overlay.
Very girlish, sweet.
Valentino couture - fall 2012

Full coverage with full bell sleeves. Lace at neckline. Pattern used for textured effect here, but the fabrics' negative space is SHEER. Ingenious. Anyway, the bell sleeves create a similar feel to the above look. Innocent, girly.

Valentino couture - spring 2013

The high neckline and covered chest combined with the barely cap sleeves is a much more severe look in my opinion. Almost doll-like. I think best for tall, flat-chested females.

& Bridal doesn't have to be full-length to be elegant or glamourous:
Elie Saab couture - fall 2011
Giambattista Valli - Couture spring 2013
Start imagining edgier delicate textiles for bridal. Irregular, large mesh for instance. I despise strapless for brides, but with the exaggerated hips and exposed feet it looks daintier.

And who says hair for weddings must be tousled or tied up??
I think long, (smooth), straight hair is very modern on a bride
or mid-length

Without bangs it's very 70s
Giambattista Valli - couture spring 2013
Maybe these ladies have something to do with it?