Friday, September 14, 2012

Fall Stock

                                                   This $35 (!!) cropped Bomber from H&M 
Bluenotes - Lauren cotton/spandex 'jeans' $30

Who here remembers when Bluenotes was known as Thrifty's? Apparently it was 'rebranded' in 2000. In the late 1990s they used to carry these awesome slacks that came in black & grey that were a heavy-weight stretch cotton that had a smooth, matte finish. Great for mobility, warm enough for winter, I still have the cutoffs from that pair! I haven't seen that material in jeans anywhere since. I'm hoping the above pair are the reissue. Plus these ones come in more colours, like Oxblood, White, and Pink.

 MTWTFSS Weekday - Modernist Jacket, Recycled wool 57%, Poly 23%, Acrylic 13%, $113
This year I'm feeling NO HARDWARE ie. zippers, visible snaps (buttons are o-k).

Forever 21 - poly-rayon Trench, $40
Unfortunately it seems no one bothers to make a WARM trench these days, but I've always wanted a nondescript one so no I just need a cashmere sweater dress to wear under this.
H&M - synthetic Jumper, $40
MTWTFSS Weekday - April Knit dress, Wool 40%, Acrylic 36%, Alpaca 14%, Linen 10%, $113
Now THIS mofo would be WARM!

 FCUK - Pastel python print shirt, Polyester, $50
Honestly, it's so hard for me to find ANY tops that look interesting & utilitarian enough to considering buying. This would likely match w/ most things, & is dressy but muted. Would be worn nice under a sweater with just the collar & cuffs showing.

above & below: Urban Outfitters - Urban Renewal Kitsch Boyfriend Shirt, $39
Ok, this mini-line of 3 shirts is really cool (just the shorts they paired it with are not). It's impossible to find a larger picture them to save your life, which means bloggers cannot properly show what's so great about them, and for the one below I actually did a f-ing screen capture & cropped it etc. Not smart marketing people!

 This one is a Nascar flag b&w large checkerboard print & the top is Garfield by the looks of it, and the third one's a more hideous multicoloured fish print, which I actually do remember being in circulation for some part of childhood. The Garfield print is similar to a dress I made out of an old Beauty & the Beast bedsheet a handful of years back. I think I may actually spend $40 on a shirt here! 

Oh & get this customer review of it: "I've never ordered Urban Renewal online, but I decided to give it a chance and get the blue fish one since there wasn't a review about it. I was surprised to receive a pooh and tigger shirt and not the fish print. It's pretty cute though, and I think I'm going to keep it. Just make sure you know that no matter what shirt you choose, it may end up turning out to be completely different! Oh, and I'm pretty sure these shirts are made out of old sheets, so the fabric isn't the best." HA!

TOPSHOP Boutique -100% Silk Shorts,Was $76 now $14! 
I've never bought clothing online, but this might be my first purchase!

For winter I've been thinking how I hate denim & it isn't even warm. Even more than denim I hate wearing longjohns/tights UNDER jeans, so I came up with this idea: Silk and/or wool shorts worn over wool/cashmere blend leggings or tights. Last winter when I was having the same problem there were these heather grey cable knit wool leggings at H&M for $35 and when I went back to get them they had dissappeared & the manager had never heard of them! This year I hope to try again.
Madewell - silk tap shorts, $88

 TOPSHOP Boutique - 100% Silk Shorts, $80
TOPSHOP - Crochet Side Panel Shorts, Polyester, $64 

Velvet Leggings:

Sno Skins - velvet leggings, on sale $42 - OR at for $20
 - apparently once designed to layer for skiing ?

TOPSHOP - Knitted Tweedy Check Skirt, Acrylic : ( $76
This skirt would be great on one of those days when you realize everything you're wearing is black & you're booring.

Urban Outfitters - Metal-Tipped Collar Shirtdress $69.00
I prefer shirtdresses/sweaterdresses to having to pick a top AND bottom which can get so tiresome.
Gypsy - Silk shirtdress, on sale $100

Enza Costa - Open Back Maxi Dress, Rayon/Silk, on sale $48
Great way to avoid pants

 FCUK - cotton Dip Dye Donna dress, on sale for $60
This has a hospital-gown/military-undergarment feel which I like.
A.L.C. - Colette Dress in Nude Heather, Rayon, on sale $285 at
The perfect length & fit. You can tell it's super thin and stretchy but has structure. You might even be able to wear briefs with it!

Zara - Tunic, Viscose $80
This in the smallest size worn with a belt & booties 

Jansport - Acidwash backpack, $45
Of course I would just buy a denim or canvas pack & bleach it myself to save $25
Urban Outfitters - Acidwash backpack, Deena & Ozzy, $42

BDG - Suede Tote Bag, $59
I find I use tote bags more than dainty purses that you can't fit a head of lettuce into
 Deena & Ozzy - Stud Tote Bag, $69
I'd prefer this in colour, but the only choice is an odd combo - orange & burgundy? I think it would get irritating
Vans - Leather Era Wingtip, $60
They also come with the b&w reversed, which in theory could makes legs look a lil longer?
Vans - Geoff Rowley SPV, suede & canvas $60
These are so beautiful! I LOVE nude leather!

Vans - Pop Authentic Lite, $55
I would put black laces in. They also come in below colour.
H&M - fake leather $60
Total ripoff, but something functional like this that looks dressy