Friday, September 28, 2012

Fall Street Style

Ahh the Sweater Coat. How comfy, utilitarian AND stylish.

 Loose Trenches in more lustrous fabrics than usual boxy khaki

High-waisted, knee-length leather skirt
The Ankle-length flowy skirt, preferably woven
Long-sleeved Dresses
Baggy wool Slacks w/ cropped jackets

Just wanted to include this outfit from:
And this one:
from:, May 2010

Hot Secondhand Shoes!

Goodwill Find: Anne Klein pointy-toed, leather ankle boots with wide elastic sides
Surprisingly dance-able, (I tried that out Tuesday night) I first saw something like this but shittier quality at Aldo a year ago but didn't buy them cause they were $50 and pleather. Lo & behold I find these beauties for $10 last week. Patience my child, patience.
2nd Goodwill score: Patent Pumps. These are that generic brand that seems to only make patent heels called Fioni carried by Payless. Anyway, new they were likely no more than $35 but 10 bucks for a simple, sexy shoe I always wanted but not enough to really pay for is a steal.
Chez Nous Consignment Shop, Orangeville. $7 : Kenneth Cole satin cross-strap, rounded-square toe, chunk heels. This is the most affordable, low-key consignment store I've ever crossed paths with. It's worth the trip to O-Ville!
Ok, these are friggin stable! No teetering or whining + they're elegant! The heel & brand remind me so much of grade 6 (circa 1996) which makes me feel all warm & giddy. Can you just picture these with Courtney-Love-esque translucent black hose? Or even white opaque.
Just found this on The shoes look like this on (but w/out the open toe).

 Talize, Mississauga: Bocci vintage leather slingbacks. Made in Italy if that means anything (I think it used to). Some old woman must've died & her kids donated all her gorgeous, top-quality pumps because Talize today was chockfull of seemingly handmade, 100% leather shoes that deserve to be in one of those ripoff shops on Queen W. These ones advertise a time when women wore stout heels daily and they were wearable (i.e. comfortable) + made your feet & legs look cute/alluring. Oh & they were also $7!
Capable heel keeps you upright.
Talize: Quad Comfort leather harness bootie.
This was a dream to find - something so basic but NOT FAKE LEATHER! Yay! Have you noticed big chain shoes stores have stopped using real leather & yet keep charging the same for fake? Your feet freeze in the winter in this plastic crap! The above are a simple, real leather boot for $10.
I checked out this Quad Comfort brand and they're carried by Mark's Work Wearhouse among others, with the average boot costing $100.
Talize: French Connection knee-high leather boots.
Can you believe this?! I had just been getting depressed thinking of the $$$ I was going to have to spend on real leather knee-high boots for fall, never mind finding ones that are both flat AND slip-on for under $200. Then these were just hanging there by their flimsy hook marked at $10. Not sure why used Wal-Mart dresses are priced the same as these $250+ FCUK boots but whatever.
 Talize: Sabella green leather purse.
Last & sort of least is this real leather purse in one of my favourite colours for $5. Nice size for a water bottle + notebook + generic crap.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Universal Street Style

Tiger-print biker shorts
Krista, above, age 20 says:“Leggings are pants.” which I wish the world would agree with already!

taken 23 August 2012 by Pieni Roobertinkatu
found at:, street style from Helsinki, Finland
 This has the collarless, raglan sleeve coat that I previously posted about worn over a high-waisted skirt w/ crop top
from: in Milan
Shirt collar & tails extending below the 'relaxed' fit sweater.

A new trend is the full body bright print outfit worn under a solid coat. I like the matching shirt + pant concept, whether it's the same pattern or all one shade.
Another example of this but with a dress
 Ack! I am obsessed with getting a shearling coat this winter! (Not the generic white & tan ones!) 
This one is gorgeous.
Above lot from, but in Paris, London & New York
I dislike distressed jeans but outright massive holes look goood! Especially with metallics
from: in London
Ok, so the ripped knees again but large Fur Lapels on coats/jackets! She doesn't look so friendly, but her jacket' nice.

 Chokers/ wide, fitted necklaces
Gaudy jewels worn over outerwear
 I love this mix of utilitarian & quirky (but not fake-geek!)

Friday, September 14, 2012

Collarless Coats

Proenza Schouler - Resort 2013, Look 4

This post is about structured, dropped shoulder, collarless coat.

- Raglan sleeves
- often slightly cropped, wide sleeves
- mid-thigh or knee-length hem
 Fendi - Pre-fall 2012, Look 3 above & Look 17 below

 Louis Vuitton - Pf 2012, Look 8
Marni - Pf 2012, Look 27, style w/ scarf
- Check out this whole collection, it's so quirky & cool

3.1 Phillip Lim - Resort 2013, Look 31
It's hard to see it here, but this has a horizontal half zipper running at the waistline

For longer, more 'mature' versions of this style of coat, check out the Jil Sander fall 2012 collection.