Sunday, July 1, 2012

Cake it On: 80's Makeup

Young Madonna
Eyeshadow worn to the brows 
Black eyeliner
Mascara on tops & bottom
Furry brows
Matte Fuchsia mouth
Grace Jones
 Thin, drawn-on brows
Red eyeshadow to brows
Shadow on inner side of bridge of nose
Black shadow swept out to the side to meet the end of eyebrow
Heavily defined Cheekbones w/ a contrasting shade
Brown & Gold lipliners
Red mouth
Debbie Harry of Blondie
This one doesn't need a run-through, except for mentioning PINK
Debbie epitomized the soft, pretty 80s look
Deep Blue Eyeliner
Pale pink eyeshadow
Frosty Peach lipstick
Annie Lennox
I think the biggest difference between 80s makeup & makeup today is Blush. Blush today is
supposed to look natural & that was NOT the point in the 80s. Then you were meant to look like you were wearing makeup. It sucks that that is frowned upon nowadays---because caking it on is FUN
Joan Jett
 Siouxsie Sioux
Doesn't really count as 80's since it wasn't trendy & she likely would've done something equally garish no matter what the era, but...
Kate Bush
Whatta lady! Shouldn't even be discussing makeup of all things w/ her, but here she is
Dolly Parton
Baby blue, pink, peach, white...she's a pastel party!
& If you can believe it...this IS Boy George

Yes, & I'm deliberately not including Cyndi Lauper!!