Thursday, May 17, 2012


Yup, STILL obsessed w/ gloves - Just can't seem to shake it. Below I've compiled a variety & in doing so, surprisingly, even the saggy ones are starting to have an appeal.

Above: Ann Demeulemeester - fall 2011

Same outfit, Two different gloves. Above: Dior - Spring 2011

Gloves complete w/ zipper pouch

The Funnel glove:

The funnel glove is ideal for fitting into the sleeve of a wide-armed jacket which creates an unusual silhouette:

Above seven looks: Rick Owens - fall 2011

Above: Derek Lam - Fall 2009 Below: Thakoon - Fall 2008

Below: Jean Paul Gaultier - couture, various seasons

Another 'new' phenomenom is the 'layered' glove - Two different materials, two different styles of glove, worn together on top of one another.

Above four: Martin Margiela

above: Chanel - Spring 2011